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Construction industry unable to achieve net zero target due to lack of clarity

The UK construction industry’s capability to achieve net zero targets is potentially being hindered by a lack of clarity around sustainability policy and standards, according to a new report published by Currie & Brown. 

The firm’s latest UK construction market outlook report indicates that achieving the UK Government’s net zero goals will demand a major step-change in how we develop and manage our built environment, which currently accounts for 25% of all UK carbon emissions. However, it finds that the construction industry is being challenged on two fronts. 

Policy shifts, such as the delays to climate policies announced by the Government in September, risk reducing industry confidence in the Government’s roadmap to net zero and investment momentum in green solutions. 

Adam Mactavish, global director of sustainability at Currie & Brown, comments: “Extending targets can help relieve pressure on the construction industry and property sector. However, a question mark hangs over the necessity of these delays, in particular reducing obligations on landlords to improve energy efficiency will mean that occupiers and the nation remain more exposed to future energy price shocks. Surely it is right to reduce demand now, rather than subsidise avoidable consumption into the future.”

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