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70% of UK office landlords have no sustainability strategy

The vast majority of UK office landlords do not have a sustainability strategy in place, according to new research commissioned by infinitSpace in partnership with The Instant Group. The survey defined a sustainability strategy as several policies with an overall aim to reduce greenhouse emissions and/or promote environmentally friendly practices.

The study saw independent market research firm Censuswide survey 250 commercial landlords with offices in the UK. It revealed that just 30% of UK office owners have developed a clear strategy to reduce overall greenhouse emissions or promote environmentally friendly practices. Two in five (42%) have one or more sustainability policies in place but no overall strategy, while a quarter (23%) are unaware of what sustainability policies are in place across their portfolio and 5% have no sustainability policies. 

Despite low uptake, almost half (48%) of landlords recognise that having strong policies is essential to keeping occupancy rates high. This was demonstrated by the correlation between landlords’ occupancy levels and sustainability strategies. Of those with an occupancy level greater than 70%, over half (56%) have sustainability strategies in place – almost double the average (30%). Comparatively, of those with an occupancy rate of less than 40%, almost half (46%) have no policies or are not aware of what they are. 

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