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You are more likely to sell your property if you switch estate agents

New research shows that property vendors who haven’t been able to sell after two months are better off trying a different agent. Sellers who switch agent after failing to find a buyer instead of reducing the price, are more likely to make a sale. 

The sellers who do change agent are 34% more likely to achieve a sale, instruction generation firm Spectre has found. The data also shows sellers who switch estate agent achieve over 12% more on their sale, than those who just reduced the asking price. 

Heather Staff, co-founder of Spectre, said: “This is highly valuable information for agents, when looking to persuade sellers to switch over to them, and highlights the importance of quality property marketing. These first few weeks of the year are prime time for agents to win over sellers from their competitors, who failed to secure a sale in 2022.”

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