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Industry reacts to the points-based immigration announcement

The Home Secretary announced last week that a new points-based immigration system will be introduced in order for foreign workers to enter the UK.

Hew Edgar, head of RICS UK government relations & city strategy, said: “The government says it is committed to delivering a million homes by the end of this parliament, but there aren’t enough people to build them. RICS is working to increase skills and train people here in the UK, but this new points-based system could get in the way of construction companies employing the migrant labourers they need. Stopping people who know how to build houses from working here risks ministers not getting the numbers of new homes they want – it’s as plain and simple as that.” 

Chief executive at the Federation of Master Builders (FMB), Brian Berry, added: “If we are to build a million new homes over the next five years we will need to have an immigration system that allows for key construction workers of all skill levels to come to the UK. (But) there will no longer be a route for “low skilled” workers to come to the UK after next year, which will hamper the construction industry’s capacity to deliver on key projects. We will need general labourers as much as architects or surveyors.”

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