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Modern construction methods must be part of the solution to housing crisis

The Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee has published a report on Modern Methods of Construction. The report – which cites Centre for London's 2018 report Made for London: Realising the potential of Modern Methods of Construction – is a welcome contribution to the debate on off-site construction and will put pressure on the government to take action.

Responding to the Committee's report, Erica Belcher, researcher at Centre for London said: “Off-site housing construction and manufacturing could help to achieve faster delivery on-site than traditional construction – with schemes completed in about two-thirds of the time.

“Modern Methods of construction could also help to shift the workload from construction sites to the more controlled, safer environment of factories, reduce local environmental impact, and help to diversify the workforce. But the transition to widespread adoption of off-site construction and manufacturing has been slow.

“We urgently need to develop skills, improve supply chains, promote the potential of new construction techniques, and ensure supportive policy and financing structures are in place. This report from the Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee will put pressure on the government to make a step change to ensure that these methods can be part of the solution to the UK's housing crisis.”

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