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Planning consent for enhancements at 4 Glass Wharf, Temple Quay, Bristol granted

Candour and Tristan Capital Partners’ EPISO 5 Fund has been granted planning consent for amendments to the permitted scheme, following the purchase of 4 Glass Wharf site in Bristol in Q4 2019.

The re-design will deliver wholesale changes to the appearance of the workspace-led development and prioritises the needs of modern occupiers with regard to flexibility.

Toby Pentecost, Co-founder, said: “In a world where our understanding of how workspaces will be optimised following the COVID-19 pandemic is continually evolving, our new flexible design caters for the widest range of future needs and uses.”

The changes include sustainability enhancements, with the addition of large soft landscaped public areas an extensive brown living roof, reliance on the Bristol Heat Network for all heat and hot water, the installation of photovoltaic panels at roof level and further enhancements to the building’s fabric.

Internally, the cycling and changing facilities have been completely re-designed to encourage active and sustainable modes of travel to the building and 286 cycle spaces.

4 Glass Wharf will deliver a 210,000 sq ft flexible workspace that focuses on the health and wellbeing of its users. A vibrant new ground floor and mezzanine area will house various innovative and attractive amenity spaces, including co-working areas, wellness facilities and a café open to the public and future occupiers of the building.

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