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Interesting Times

Commercial property lawyer John Stephens of Keystone Law comments

A legendary Chinese curse is ‘May you live in interesting times’. In the guise of being well-wishing, it conveys the irony that difficult, dangerous or even turbulent times are what the recipient should experience. There is no known Chinese source for this saying, but, as curses go, it is pretty good and apt for 2017. Asking around, it seems that nearly all of us know what it feels like
to be afflicted!

Some say that this curse is one of three similar curses, each worse than its predecessor. The second curse is, ‘May you come to the attention of the Authorities,’ and the third is ‘May you find what you are looking for’.

So how will ‘interesting times’ be manifested in 2017 in the world of UK property and how can you avoid coming to the attention of the Authorities and ensure that you are looking for the right things?  Possibilities for 2017 include the following:

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