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Evicted For No Reason

Richard Blanco, portfolio landlord and London regional representative for the National Landlords Association (NLA), comments

The abolition of no fault eviction is back on the agenda. According to a recent BBC Panaroma show ‘Evicted For No Reason,’ the Labour Party, spurred on by housing charities and the entrenched convictions of Jeremy Corbyn, wants to end the use of section 21. The programme presents three case studies of tenants facing no fault evictions.

Lauren McGlashan has fallen out with her landlord who subsequently served a section 21 notice. She has two months to find a new home for her husband, retired mother and five children.

Julie Archer was offered a new tenancy contract but didn’t sign it because she said the landlord would not mend her leaking shower. He then served a section 21 notice.  

Ava Watt is living in temporary accommodation with her adult son and daughter after moving twice out of privately rented homes because they were served with a section 21 notice. She has asked her local council for help and has been told that her only option is to move back into the private rented sector, not social housing which she would prefer.

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