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Winning Deals at All Costs

Alex Harrington-Griffin, Land Director at TrustedLand, comments

Speak to any agent or developer, and land supply for the majority is slim pickings at the moment. Stock of land and development sites in certain areas of the country are now much harder to come by, as residential property values take a knock from influences such as Brexit and Buy-to-Let cooling down. So how can a buyer, developer or agent keep their opportunities pipeline working to produce the products they need to maintain their business?

If March’s LandAid Sleep Out in aid of youth homelessness has reminded me of anything, it’s that your situation can change at the drop of a hat. While the link between development land and homelessness is as tenuous as it is obvious, the brave talks by some of the young previously homeless people reminded me that when you see an opportunity to better yourself, sometimes you have to throw yourself at it.

Throwing yourself at a great site opportunity is key in this game and especially in more barren times, but what cost are you willing to go to win the opportunity? Would you give a vendor hope of a greater outcome just to clear out the competition and then reduce the offer when you are fully exclusive? Are you willing to falsify your intentions, experience or funding situation just to get your foot in the door?

However you answered the above, what is absolutely vital in my opinion is to think about how your actions affect your reputation beyond that single deal, and whether your actions today will affect your opportunities and peace of mind tomorrow.

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