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Is Transparency Improving in Property Thanks to Property Tech?

Peter Hemple talks property tech with SPCE founder and CEO, Leon Ifayemi

The property industry has seen a boom in technological innovation over the past few years with sophisticated software solutions, predictive data analytics and even virtual reality driving the sector forward. Ultimately, these new technologies are beginning to create a more transparent property industry.  

However, the once dreamed of vision of a fully connected home is also quickly becoming a reality. Both Amazon and Google have launched smart assistants, with an Apple offering based on Siri rumoured to be on the way. These products are designed to act as standalone hubs for your digital life. Voice activation systems allow users to ask questions, perform tasks and control their Internet of Things (IoT) appliances.

Google Home was launched in the UK in March this year, allowing us to install a talking, listening algorithm at the heart of your home, or in your rental property. We have seen what digital disruption did to music with Spotify, to television and film with Netflix, to the hotel industry with Airbnb and to personal transportation with Uber.

Well now Uber has announced a prop-tech tie up with UK build to rent developer Moda Living. The aim is to cut car ownership and change the way people rent homes in large cities. A new app will offer Moda Living’s tenants up to £100 of Uber credits per month if they agree not to have a car parking space in the building. By using the app, residents will simply press a button and get a ride.

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