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Homes took an average of 16 viewings to sell in 2023

It took an average of 16 property viewings to sell a property in 2023, according to new research by Quick Move Now, which shows the average number of viewings it took to sell a property in England and Wales, as well as offering a regional breakdown.

Properties in the West Midlands had the lowest average number of viewings before accepting an offer, whilst Greater London had the highest.

Danny Luke, Quick Move Now’s managing director, explains: “A higher number of average viewings for a successful sale does not necessarily equate to a longer time on market. A highly desirable property may have five or more viewings booked in for its first weekend on market, whereas a less desirable property may only have one or two viewings in its first week. The longer the time between viewings, the longer your property is likely to sit on the market.

“Your property is likely to attract the highest level of attention when it is new to the market, so it’s important to capitalise on that opportunity. This will mean choosing a proactive estate agent who knows and understands both your target market and the local area.”

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