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Millions to get better access to faster broadband

The Telecommunications Infrastructure (Leasehold Property) Act, now in force in England and Wales, makes it easier for broadband providers to gain access to install equipment in blocks of flats when a faster connection is requested by a tenant.

Previously, tenants would have had to gain the landlord’s permission for a broadband operator to enter the building, with reports from broadband companies of around 40% of requests for access to install connections receiving no response. 

Providers will now be able to seek rights to access a property or shared land if the person required to grant access is unresponsive. The regulations create a new route through the courts and from the point where a company makes the first request to the landlord, it will take 35 days for this new rule to take effect.

The new process will also come into force in Scotland in the Summer of 2023.

Updated regulations will mean that more people moving into new homes will have a gigabit-capable broadband connection ready when construction is completed, avoiding the need for costly and disruptive installation work after the home is built and enabling residents to arrange the best possible internet service when they move in.

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