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Why you should consider going ‘gas free’ with your home heating this winter

The boss at Electric Radiators Direct says Brits should consider ditching fossil fuels and moving to greener heating options as we approach the colder months. 

With household energy bills still set to rise by about 6.5% under the UK government’s new price cap, many Brits may be looking to switch to alternative heating solutions to improve their home’s energy efficiency.  

In the last three months alone, searches for ‘electric radiators’ have increased by 50%, with over 40,000 Brits searching for the heating solution each month. Meanwhile, searches related to heat pumps have soared by 83% in the same period, to over 60,000 per month.  

Stephen Hankinson, managing director at Electric Radiators Direct, said: “Although gas is a cheap energy source per unit, there are other options that can work out less expensive in the long run and are also better for the planet. Electricity, for example, is more expensive per unit, but electric heating is 100% efficient at its point of use which means that every watt of electricity you use is converted into heat, and nothing goes to waste. 

  “Gas central heating, however, sustains system losses, which naturally occur at the point of combustion, as well as across the pipe network. Up to 50% of the heat produced by a gas boiler can be lost through the pipes, especially if they’re not well insulated. This means you end up paying for warmth that you aren’t benefiting from.”

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