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Millions of tenants may fall into arrears, claims Generation Rent chief

Baroness Alicia Kennedy, director of the Generation Rent group, is warning that millions of tenants may not be able to pay their rent this coming winter following energy price hikes.

The group claims that a survey it has conducted shows 45% of private renters who had lived in their home for longer than a year had been asked for a higher rent at some point. Of those, 81% are paying what their landlord asked for, with 14% having negotiated a lower rent.

Generation Rent claims 20% of those who faced a rent increase in their current tenancy were asked to pay more than £100 extra per month; some 13% allegedly chose to move out.

People who faced a rent increase are more likely to be most concerned about paying the rent (32%) compared with paying energy bills, than those who have not had a rent rise (20%). 

However, well over 40% of tenants - whether or not their rent had risen - described fuel price hikes as their biggest concern this winter. 

“With energy bills about to shoot up once again, renters cannot afford to be blindsided by an increase in their rent. The country faces the real prospect of millions of people being unable to find the money to cover rent, heat their homes comfortably and put food on the table. Renters are terrified, knowing they face a winter of destitution,” said Kennedy. 

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