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Energy bill support scheme must reflect complexities in rental housing sector

Responding to concerns about the application of the Government’s Energy Bill Support Scheme in the private rented sector, Ben Beadle, chief executive at the National Residential Landlords Association, said: “Payments from the Government’s Energy Bill Support Scheme are not due to begin until October. Given this, it is irresponsible scaremongering on the part of some to be making baseless suggestions that landlords will not do the right thing by their tenants. 

“The support payments should help whoever is shouldering the costs of increased energy bills. That could be either a tenant or the landlord. Where rents include the cost of utilities, if they have been set to reflect recent and likely future energy price rises landlords should be passing the savings from the Government’s scheme onto their tenants. 

“However, where all-inclusive rents do not reflect the higher costs of energy, or where rents have been frozen to support tenants, then it is the landlord who will be shouldering costs of higher energy bills. In cases such as this the system should recognise that it is the landlord that needs the support.”

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