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Landlords invited to join initiative that will help ‘democratise’ the PRS

Landlords have been invited to join the new Property Redress Scheme Advisory Panel to help invigorate and democratise the private rental sector.

The Property Redress Scheme set up its Advisory Council to advise head of redress Sean Hooker and refer property-related laws and forthcoming government policies to him, as well as to scrutinise Hooker and ensure the scheme’s impartiality.

It has now announced a significant change to membership to further improve governance and accountability, and to ensure that the PRS takes a balanced and knowledgeable view in its vision and policy decisions. The company is inviting applications for up to 15 board positions on the new Property Redress Scheme Advisory Panel.

It wants experts from the areas of: holiday lets, house purchasers, inventories, landlords, leaseholders, lettings professionals, property education, property sourcing, rent-to-rent, residential leasehold management professionals, sales professionals, and tenants.

Hooker explains that advisory boards have traditionally – and justifiably – been made up of individuals with big names. He adds: “However, our new approach to attracting advisory panel members is to focus on a much broader and more diverse membership whereby we will select based upon genuine knowledge, experience and likely contribution to innovating and improving property redress, regardless of public profile.”

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