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Research reveals the cities with the largest percentage of student housing

A new study by money.co.uk analysed the number of dwellings in each UK region in comparison to the total number of dwellings occupied by students to revealthe cities with the highest proportion of student housing.  

The English local authority where student property makes up the biggest share of the total property market is Exeter, where more than one in ten properties are occupied by students.

Second is the city of Nottingham, which has a large student population of over 60,000, with 10.8% of properties occupied by students.Nottingham has the highest concentration of higher education providers in the East Midlands, home to three different universities: the University of Nottingham, Nottingham Trent University and the Nottingham campus of the University of Law.

Third place, albeit some way behind second, goes to Newcastle upon Tyne, where 7.7% of properties are occupied by students. 

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