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Generation Rent accuses landlords of failing to sell after evictions

The Baroness leading the Generation Rent campaign group is accusing many landlords of failing to sell - despite having said they would do. 

The group says its research in Scotland - based on a small sample of just 125 evictions in three years - shows that nearly a third of private landlords who evicted in order to sell the property had failed to sell the home more than a year later.

A further 9% of cases of tenants evicted on grounds of sale saw the home sold to another landlord who re-let the property. Generation Rent is calling for extra protections for tenants who face eviction for reasons beyond their control, including a requirement for landlords who wish to sell to advertise the property with a sitting tenant before seeking eviction, relocation payments for tenants, and periods where the landlord cannot evict tenants who have not broken the terms of their tenancy agreement.

Campaign director Baroness Alicia Kennedy said: “These cases represent a minority of evictions in Scotland but the number of properties that are re-let instead of being sold, or are bought by another landlord, indicate that tenants are still getting a raw deal.”

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