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Record month for property licensing schemes with 11 new schemes

Technology firm Kamma has reported on the launch of 11 new discretionary licensing schemes in April, with eight starting on the first day of the month. This is the highest number of landlord licensing schemes introduced in a single calendar month since licensing schemes were first introduced in 2006. 

This means that, by the start of April, there will be 113 discretionary schemes in place across the UK’s 408 local authorities. The 11 new Selective and Additional licensing schemes starting in April will be spread out over seven different local authorities including Ealing, Luton, Liverpool, Lewisham, Charnwood and Durham and will affect both letting agents and landlords operating in those regions. 

Out of the new schemes, two will be in Bristol. Here the council’s extension of their Selective and Additional licensing schemes is set to come into force on 6 April in a bid to raise Private Rented Sector (PRS) standards. During the five-year period of the previous schemes, over 3,600 licences were issued and over 3,400 inspections were carried out - with 88% of properties subsequently improved, according to the council. 

Kamma’s CEO, Orla Shields commented: “Our data shows that so far nine new schemes have already started in 2022 and including all the schemes set out to start in April, we are looking at 20 new schemes starting in less than four months.”

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