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Retailers scramble for limited storage space as e-commerce continues to thrive

The pandemic has created a shift in consumer behavior, which has had a great impact on logistics networks for most industries in the UK, which has caused huge supply chain backlogs, according to Stashbee, an online marketplace for storage space.

An increase in e-commerce - with December experiencing a growth in sales by 21.6% compared to the same month pre-pandemic in 2019 - has created a huge scarcity of storage space with only 18.1m sq ft of available industrial space available nationally.

A glaring vacuum of storage facilities has had a significant knock-on effect for SME’s, many of whom have been adversely affected from the increase in storage costs due to increased demand for space. Many users of warehouse facilities have seen the price of their storage units quadruple in 2021, a good portion of them being small business owners.

Anthony Paine, co-founder and CEO of Stashbee, commented: “Whilst the UK’s storage industry is growing, we are still well behind many other countries in terms of the amount of storage space available per person. What's more, most of this space is dominated by a small number of companies, concentrated in clusters that most people can’t access, and it’s costly. There are clear trends to show that people simply don’t have access to the space they need.”

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