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85% of UK adults don’t think the housing crisis will be resolved in their lifetime

Less than one in six UK adults believe the housing crisis will be resolved in their lifetime, with confidence in the Government equally low, the research from Market Financial Solutions (MFS) revealed.

The bridging lender commissioned an independent, nationally representative survey among 2,000 UK adults. It found the majority (52%) of respondents consider the housing crisis to be one of the country’s most pressing societal issues at present. However, only 14% of respondents are confident the housing crisis will be resolved by 2030, with only fractionally more (15%) having faith that the problem will be eradicated in their lifetime.

The research showed there is a lack of confidence in the UK Government. Just one in six (16%) UK adults believe the current Government will hit its target of delivering 300,000 new homes every year for the rest of this parliament. Less than a fifth (18%) think the Government is truly invested in resolving the housing shortage.

MFS’ research showed how the UK’s housing crisis is impacting people’s home buying ambitions, with only 30% of respondents saying they are confident about one day owning their dream home. Renters (20%) are far less likely to feel this way than those already on the property ladder (36%). 

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