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Green upgrades help sellers pocket up to 16% more for their home

A new study from Rightmove has revealed that sellers who have upgraded the Energy Performance Certificate rating of their home to a C, from a D, E or F rating are pocketing as much as 16% extra on average when selling their home. 

The study analysed over 200,000 homes listed on Rightmove that had sold twice, with an improved EPC rating the second time, to understand the impact of energy efficiency improvements on the final sold price of a home. 

Those who had upgraded their rating from an F to a C, are adding an average of 16% to the price achieved for their home. Moving from an E to a C is banking sellers an extra 8% on average, and moving from a D to a C is resulting in an average of 4% extra. 

Based on the current national average asking price of property, £344,445, this could mean an additional £55,111 for someone moving from an F to a C rating, £27,556 for someone moving from an E to a C rating, or an extra £13,778 for someone moving from a D to a C rating, according to Rightmove.

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