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Top 20 best places to invest as a landlord - new league table

A new league table has been created aimed at listing the best places for landlords to invest in buy to let. The Compare The Market service has looked at how property prices and rental income produce yields, and factoring in the popularity of the locations with renters searching for properties online. 

According to the research, the best city for BTL is Birmingham, which offers a 4.65% yield and there were 10,500 Google searches for properties in the city in December 2020.

Bradford came second - 4.52% yield and 7,080 searches; followed by Coventry in third place - 4.34% and 6,700 searches; Bolton in fourth - 4.67% and 5,720 searches; and Burnley in fifth - 6.02% yield and 3,770 searches.

The highest average yield (still considered the most important reason to invest by many) from the Top 20 was found in Renfrewshire at 7.31%. However, there were only 590 searches by renters in December 2020.

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