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Most landlords get on fine with tenants and don’t plan to raise rents in 2021

The National Landlord Index published by Accommodation.co.uk, claims that the vast majority (90%) of landlords have a good relationship with tenants and 82% have also committed to not increasing rent in 2021. This new report highlights that many landlords are conscious of the financial difficulties the pandemic has caused their tenants and are aiming to keep rent as affordable as possible this year.

Nearly a fifth (18%) of landlords, however, stated they would be increasing rent in 2021 and out of these properties the most likely region to see a rental rise was London with 35% of the total, followed by the North West and West Midlands both with 21%. Many regions had no landlords stating they would increase rent including Scotland, North East, East and Northern Ireland.

Aaron Short, founder and CEO at Accommodation.co.uk, added: “We are always listening to our landlords and tenants to understand the needs of the market. Knowing how landlords are managing their tenant relationships and rental costs gives us vital information to understand the future lettings market.”

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