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Majority of landlords are waiting for lockdown measures to ease before buying

The National Landlord Index published by Accomodation.co.uk, has revealed that the majority (60%) of landlords are waiting for lockdown measures to ease before investing in properties. These insights show how much the sector has been impacted by the lockdown and the uncertainty this has caused. However, UK landlords still see the rental market as a safe place to invest especially as the stock market has been so volatile during the pandemic.

This desire from landlords to expand their property portfolios in 2021 is reflected in the demand for buy to let mortgages with the index revealing that nearly two-fifths (38%) of landlords are planning to apply for one this year. As the UK starts to see the benefits the vaccination has on the economy it is clear that landlords are optimistic that this recovery will be reflected in house prices long term.

Aaron Short, founder and CEO at Accomodation.co.uk, said: “Understanding how landlords are being impacted by lockdown measures and what their plans are post-pandemic, helps us to understand the future lettings market. It is great to see landlords looking to expand portfolios.”

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