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UK social sector offers a £50bn investment opportunity, finds report

Alpha Real Capital has released a new report claiming that Social Real Estate (SRE) investments can deliver £3-4 societal value for every £1 invested, as well as cashflows at spreads of 5%-plus per annum over index-linked gilts. 

The report, entitled ‘Social Real Estate: A £50 billion secure income opportunity’ says private capital is needed to support the delivery of SRE assets that cannot be met by over-stretched public finances. 

SRE comprises physical assets that accommodate or facilitate social activities or services. They fit broadly into housing, healthcare and education segments and include affordable homes for key workers and the homeless; student accommodation; care homes; day nurseries; and facilities for the disabled and those with special needs. 

Alpha says a growing and ageing population means demand for SRE assets and the services they provide will rise significantly over the next 10 years. The UK population is forecast to increase by c.3m and reach c.70m over the next decade, placing further demand on assets and services that are already stretched. Additional facilities are needed across the whole social real estate spectrum.

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