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Airbnb warns Scottish rentals law could cost jobs

Airbnb has published the results of a study, which claim that proposed measures to limit short-term rentals in Scotland would put 17,000 Scottish jobs at risk. According to the data, the new measures could also take almost £1m a day out of the Scottish economy and increase unemployment.

Scotland’s government committed to providing local authorities with increased powers to regulate short-term rentals in January this year. Plans were in place for implementation by this December but have now been delayed until 2022 to allow municipalities to effectively plan legislation.

Airbnb commissioned data firm BiGGAR Economics to study the potential impact of these laws. It centred scenarios on the ways that these laws would affect the total number of nights booked on the platform.

Graeme Blackett, director at BiGGAR Economics, said: “Airbnb users are making a substantial contribution to Scotland’s economy by spending money in local communities and the study has also provided insights on how the economic impact (of travel booked through Airbnb) is distributed across the country. We were struck by the significant contribution that is being made to the most tourism-dependent economies such as the Highlands.”

Airbnb claims that its activity in Scotland provides over 33,500 jobs and brings £677m to the Scottish economy.

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