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Equiem unveils new data analytics dashboards for landlords

Global property technology company Equiem has announced the completion and rollout of its most detailed, data-driven user dashboards to date, providing tenant data and analytics to both landlords and property managers.

The new dashboard features on- and off-site events and promotions, tailored services, amenity space booking management tools and tenant surveys. Equiem provides owners with direct feedback and data to help them make more informed decisions at their buildings. When integrated with today’s leading proptech technologies, Equiem can also provide owners and tenants with direct access to in-demand features like air quality levels, space usage data and touchless entry for tenants, among other popular services.

Equiem CEO Gabrielle McMillan, said: “Equiem gives landlords a platform to communicate with tenants while maintaining an engaging community. We’ve seen this become especially useful for announcements and planning around returning to work, safety and cleaning protocols and virtual learning.”

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