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Extra funding provided to local councils to help enforce legislation

Local authorities have received several funding boosts over the last few years, allowing them to become better equipped to tackle the enforcement of lettings legislation, says PayProp.

The lettings payment automation provider believes that this increase in funds to train more enforcement officers could lead to more penalties being issued. This includes banning orders for the worst offenders. Since the introduction of such orders, they have so far been used sparingly.

It was earlier this month that an additional £4m was announced for 100 local councils to help combat rogue landlords and letting agencies. This will include training over 100 enforcement officers across Yorkshire and Humberside, as well as creating a Special Operations Unit in Northampton.

The government has already committed to providing over £10m in local authority funding over the last 12 months to combat criminal landlords and agencies. On top of the funding boost received this month, almost £2.4m was provided to 50 local councils in January 2019. A further £3.8m was issued in November last year.

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