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Welsh government delays new landlord regulations

On 15 November the decision was made by the Welsh government to introduce new regulations requiring landlords to provide a list of data to prospective tenants. The intention was to implement these regulations on Friday 13 December, but the Residential Landlords Association (RLA) argued against it.

The association raised its concerns with certain information listed as a requirement, along with the short notice for the change. A big concern for the RLA was the requirement for landlords to provide a personal address at this stage in the process. After writing to the Minister for Housing and Local Government, the decision has been made to amend this regulation.

The Welsh Government has also acknowledged that more time must be given to allow landlords and agents to prepare for these changes. The implementation of the replacement regulations has been delayed until 28 February 2020.

Douglas Haig, director for Wales and vice-chair of the RLA has commented: “We are delighted the Minister listened to what we had to say and has adjusted the regulations accordingly. This goes to show that working in partnership can lead to better and more balanced outcomes.”

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