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UK homebuyers deterred from buying “characterless” new-builds

New research from FJP Investment has uncovered UK homebuyers’ sentiment towards new-builds. The independent survey of 1,000 homebuyers and property investors found:

  • 50% feel the UK’s new-builds are typically unattractive – even more (63%) consider them to be “devoid of character”
  • 67% believe too many new-builds are unaffordable, aimed at the top of the market
  • 57% dismiss buying new-builds because they think they are located in inconvenient locations; 48% worry the infrastructure surrounding new-build developments is poor.

However, despite these drawbacks, many homebuyers see positives in new-builds with 75% praising the modern facilities and 70% saying they are more energy efficient.

Homebuyers also called on the government to do more to boost the outlook for the new-build market; 67% want the Conservative Party to do more to support the construction of new-build development in high demand areas.

The majority (64%) of respondents agreed that the shortage of available housing across the UK is one the country’s most pressing society issues at present.

Jamie Johnson, CEO at FJP Investment, said: “There can be no denying the huge need for millions of new houses to be built across the UK. However, our research shows that we cannot fall into the trap of simply constructing properties of a poor quality, in undesirable locations or without also investing in local infrastructure.

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