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Government publishes How to Rent guide and a Section 21 legal form

In a literally last minute move, and as the industry entered an era of huge change, the Government waited until 60 seconds before the fees ban came into force to issue the final and vital paperwork.

It published the correct prescribed legal form in relation to serving Section 21 at one minute to midnight on Friday 31st of May – 60 seconds before the fees ban became law, and one minute before the new form 6a became the mandatory form of Section 21 notice.

The new How to Rent guide was itself issued only hours earlier on Friday afternoon. ARLA was able to notify its members at about 4.30pm, having been in contact with the Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government throughout the day.

The late publication may mean that a number of estate agents are still unaware that there is a new How to Rent guide and a new Section 21 legal form which must be used.

How to Rent guides are regularly updated and the latest version must always be served to new tenants and those who renew their tenancies. If the latest version is not given to tenants, then a Section 21 notice cannot be served or may be invalidated.

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