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Slum housing conditions lead to £244,367 penalty for Wembley landlords

A Crown Court judge has ordered landlords who crammed 31 tenants into a shanty town-type home to pay thousands of pounds in fines, costs and Confiscation Orders.

Mum and daughter, Harsha and Chandni Shah, along with Mrs Harsha Shah's brother, Sanjay Shah, were pocketing around £112,000 a year by stuffing 31 people into appalling conditions in a four-bedroom house in Wembley. They were assisted by Jaydipkumar Valand, who was acting as their agent and collecting rent from the 31 tenants stuffed inside a four-bedroom house in Napier Road, Wembley.

Enforcement officers from Brent Council also found a woman living in a lean-to shed in the back garden of the property during a raid on the premises in July 2016. The shack had no lighting or heating and was made out of wood offcuts, pallets and tarpaulin.

Judge Wood of Harrow Crown Court made a Confiscation Order for the sum of £116,000 against Harsha Shah and Chandni Shah under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002. Mr Valand was also subjected to a confiscation order for the sum of £5,000. Harsha Shah, Chadni Shah and Sanjay Shah were sentenced to pay £41,000 in fines. All the defendants were ordered to pay £82,367 in costs. The total payable amounted to £244,367.

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