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Minister reveals ‘exciting proposal’ for Welsh landlords

Landlords in Wales could be offered incentives and other support to house those most in need, the Welsh Housing Minister has revealed.

Speaking exclusively to the Residential Landlords Association’s Future Renting Wales conference in Cardiff, Rebecca Evans AM declared it to be an “exciting proposal”.

She told those attending that she recognised that there were “increased” risks around tenants in receipt of benefits, due to benefits not meeting market rents and concerns about rent payments not being met in full and on time.

The Minister said: “Let me be clear, I want to find ways to eradicate the ‘no DSS’ barrier. Poverty should not be allowed to be the basis for discrimination. I want to see the Welsh Government do more to support landlords who are willing to widen access by providing security of income, protecting against voids and losses and ensuring support for tenants during the duration of their agreement - and helping to improve the standard of the property they are renting.”

In return she said landlords would be expected to offer longer leases to tenants on benefits and low-income families. The Minister added: “We are currently working on an exciting proposal to make an attractive offer of this type and it is one I want to move forward on at pace.”

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