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Knowledge of UK landlords put to the test

The latest research from online rental platform Urban.co.uk puts the knowledge of UK landlords to the test in their Legal Landlord Survey for 2018.

The BTL sector can be tricky to negotiate for landlords and a number of big legislative changes have led to some of them leaving the sector over the last year. This is the third time Urban has conducted the nationwide survey to test the knowledge of UK landlords and to ascertain if they know their stuff when it comes to the rules and regulations of the lettings sector.

Some of the most surprising results from the quiz were:

  • 91% of landlords aren't following the correct process when it comes to tenants’ deposits.
  • 90% of respondents weren’t up to date when it came to the new GDPR regulations and what documents are required to be compliant.
  • 51% of landlords answered incorrectly when asked how often they need to apply for a Gas Safety Certificate for their rental property.
  • Only 32% of landlords knew the legal requirements for the number of smoke alarms required.
  • The majority of landlords (82%) are unfamiliar with the legal size of room allowed to be rented out to a single person - the correct answer is 6.51sqm – and,
  • Just 18% on landlords know they must give 24-hours-notice before requesting to enter their rental property.

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