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West Midlands only area to see growth in FDI projects and employment

The West Midlands is the UK’s only area to have witnessed growth in both the number of foreign investment projects and FDI employment, according to the Department for International Trade’s (DIT) latest figures.

A total of 171 new FDI projects were recorded during 2017/18, with the number of associated jobs reaching 9,424 – the highest number of new jobs created in any area outside London.

The West Midlands welcomed a 13% increase in FDI projects and a 43% increase on the number of jobs recorded compared to the previous year, whilst all other UK regions witnessed a decrease on either one or both counts.

Neil Rami, chief executive at the West Midlands Growth Company, said: “Our investment strategy for the region is centred on supporting an inclusive, diversified economy and attracting quality projects that yield the greatest employment opportunities. These latest figures from DIT represent a huge vote of confidence in our approach and how the West Midlands is perceived internationally.”

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