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Paragon launches new BTL mortgage products & cuts company charges

Paragon has launched an extended range of Portfolio and Non-portfolio buy-to-let mortgage products for the new year and removed the requirement of a floating charge on all applications from limited companies incorporated solely for the activity of holding and letting residential properties.

Among the new Portfolio buy-to-let products is a 2 year fixed rate at 3.49% for borrowing up to 80% loan-to-value (LTV) on SSC units, and a 2 year fixed rate at 3.69% for borrowing up to 80% LTV on HMO/MUB properties.

The removal of the requirement for a floating charge on limited company applications will improve service delivery and make applying to Paragon easier for buy-to-let mortgage intermediaries and customers.

John Heron, managing director – mortgages at Paragon said: “For us, it’s all about offering choice and making the portfolio application process as straightforward as possible. This extended range of products, along with the removal of floating charges, valuation and admin fees, and the ability to manage everything online or through the CaseTracker app does just that.”

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