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Luton Airport looking to expand

An application for development consent to expand Luton Airport has been recently submitted to the Planning Inspectorate, which will act on behalf of the Government.

Consent is being sought for the expansion of Luton Airport from its current permitted cap of 18 million passengers per annum (mppa) up to 32 mppa, which include new terminal capacity, earthworks to create an extension to the current airfield platform, new airside and landside facilities, an enhanced surface access network, extension of the Luton DART plus landscaping and ecological improvements. It also includes further infrastructure enhancements and initiatives to support the target of achieving zero-emission ground operations by 2040.

The plans include community funding proposals that could provide an additional £14m every year for communities across Luton and neighbouring areas, and would support the company’s wider ambition of making London Luton Airport a leader in sustainable aviation.

Graham Olver, Chief Executive Officer of Luton Rising, said: “We’re pleased to bring forward these proposals for the expansion of London Luton Airport – we aim to enhance economic activity in and around Luton, provide numerous community benefits, and make the airport a leader in sustainable aviation. We now wait in anticipation for the Inspectorate’s decision as to whether we proceed to the examination stage of the DCO process.”

The plans would enable, via phased growth, an additional £1.5bn of economic activity and more than 10,000 new jobs across the UK.

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