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Modular village to be built in Corby

Etopia Corby, dubbed ‘London’s first modular commuter village’ will be constructed in Corby, Northants by modular homes provider Project Etopia.

Etopia Corby will be a model of how villages of the future can be developed quicker and more affordably with its inexpensive modular homes that are equipped with energy saving technology and smart home equipment as standard.

A development of eco-homes had been planned for the site but Project Etopia stepped in to buy the land at the 11th hour after the project stalled.

Joseph Daniels, CEO of Project Etopia, said: “Old building techniques are exacerbating the housing crisis and it’s totally unnecessary.

“Corby is leading the way in showing how villages of the future should be built. Modular building is now so advanced, it is senseless to cling to bricks and mortar, which takes longer to build and is far more expensive.

“With a desperate need for more housing stock around the country, it is vital developers and investors finally let go of preconceptions of modular building. These are homes people really want to live in and they present huge environmental benefits from being energy neutral to requiring less on-site traffic during the build.”

Construction of the 47 homes, comprised of 31 houses and 16 apartments will begin in February with groundwork already underway. By constructing the exterior shell of the homes in a factory, the development will be finished much faster than conventional methods.

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