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Rural exodus to large properties continues in Germany

Last year, a larger number of Germans moved to a less populated area than moved from a rural area to a more densely populated one.

In 12.3% of relocations in Germany (last year), citizens moved to a less populated region, whereas 10.4% settled in a more densely populated area. While the majority did not relocate outside of their area of residence, it once again demonstrates that rural living is becoming a more attractive alternative for an increasing number of people.

However, according to block-builders.net, the Germans are heavy polluters when it comes to housing, with only Belgium having a worse record in terms of CO2 emissions per capita in Europe. Germany’s emissions from the real estate sector are significantly above the European and global averages. The way we build and live has a major impact on global warming, with the real estate sector responsible for 38% of the world’s CO2 emissions.

“More and more people are considering living in rural areas,” said Block-Builders analyst Raphael Lulay, adding, “besides the high rents in big cities, the trend towards home working is another reason behind this.”

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