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Recently I attended a three day real estate seminar in Las Vegas. It was hosted by an organization I know quite well, based on years of contact with the founder. It has been a while since I went to a US based real estate seminar. As I was already going to be in Phoenix for a business meeting, the detour over to Las Vegas made a lot of sense. Let me share some observations with you.

The Positives
- There were investors from outside the USA. Mostly Canadian. They had a very positive perspective on USA house prices. From where they live, the USA is on sale and the time to buy is now while yesterdays price does not matter much. Similar to how people deal with white goods sales after Christmas.

- There were a number of active investors who have been investing for more than one business cycle. While some of the rules have changed that is nothing new to them. The rules are always changing. By rules I mean market practices, strategies, what lenders will do and how investors should adjust.

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