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London’s Slowdown is Happening on All Fronts, Says Think Tank

Recently published analysis by the capital’s dedicated think tank,  Centre for London, suggests that Brexit may already be having an impact on the capital, with fewer Europeans coming here for work, a slowdown in job creation, a loss of momentum in business confidence, and decelerating house price growth.

Published to coincide with the launch of Centre for London’s new research programme, the analysis draws together demographic, housing, transport, economic and quality of life data. This analysis is found in The London Intelligence, Centre for London’s new quarterly publication, which will monitor the capital, building up a longer term understanding of how London is performing and changing over time.

It shows that a number of growth indicators dipped in early 2017, but also some positives - such as a fall in unemployment to a historically low level, (perhaps as a result of less EU workers moving to London) a reduction in the number of young people not in education, employment or training, and a rise in tourism numbers and spending (thanks largely to a weaker Sterling).

On housing the publication shows that while mean house prices are still growing, the rate of growth has slowed down and is now outpaced by growth across the rest of the country. Additionally there has been a slight slowdown in housing transactions in recent months. 

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