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35,000 Prime Homes Planned For London Despite Problems in The City

The number of 'prime' homes due to be constructed in London over the coming ten years hit over 35,000 at the end of last year - a 40% increase on 2014 - Arcadis has identified. The figures are only for projects with an average sales value of more than £1,350 sq ft and exclude affordable housing unit numbers.

The combined sales value of these properties is estimated at over £77bn, and when combined the total floor space of these homes comes in at over 40m square feet - far greater than the area of the whole of the City of London, which is 1.1 square miles or 30.7m sq ft.

In its analysis Arcadis identified 196 sites that span the breadth of the capital. The number of homes planned in these locations comes in at 35,055. This significant growth compared to 2014 demonstrates the extent to which the capital's high-end residential market is still viewed favourably in spite of the rapidly evolving UK housing market. S!

Number of homes in development by year (including percentage growth)
2015         35,005     (+40%)
2014         25,000     (+25%)
2013         20,000     (+29%)

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