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Axe The Tenant Tax

This autumn's Property Investor and Home Buyer Show at London's Excel Centre on October 7-8th will host many exhibitors but very few organisations attending the show will in effect be representing the interests of all private landlords in the UK as much as the 'Axe the Tenant Tax' group.

By now relatively few people in the property investment and landlord community will have failed to realise that the government has in effect turned its back on the buy to let sector. Some twenty years after its introduction in 1996, the growth of buy to let has been a phenomenal success story with millions of homes now providing good quality accommodation to both families and to single tenants within shared accommodation (HMOs).

However, widespread bewilderment and outright anger has been the reaction from many private landlords and from many within the residential property lettings sector as a result of the hugely controversial tax changes announced by the government in 2015. The National Landlord Association data shows that in excess of 341,000 landlords will be directly impacted by Section 24.

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