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Aspirin Nation: Budget 2013 Round-Up

Chancellor George Osborne delivered his fourth Budget on 20th March 2013. Carl Bayley BSc ACA , author of several plain English tax guides, including the ever-popular 'How to Save Property Tax', takes a look at what Boy George's latest announcements mean

Recently, I was watching the second movie spin-off from the TV series 'Sex and the City'. In one scene the Samantha character announces (if you will pardon a brief lapse into profanity) that she has 'Had enough of this bullshit economy!'

That was in 2010. Three years later, things still don't seem to have got any better. Tasked with the challenge of attempting to sort things out (in the UK at least), I would imagine that Chancellor George Osborne probably shares Samantha's sentiments and would dearly have loved to have said the same thing.

What he did say repeatedly in his 58 minute speech to a very lively session in the House of Commons was that this was a Budget for an 'Aspiration Nation' providing support for those who are willing to work and save. But, in this supposedly 'Fiscally Neutral' Budget, every tax cut has to be paid for and balancing the books must surely have given young George quite a headache.

So, will the Chancellor's latest set of changes really support the aspirations of the people of the UK, or will the task of getting to grips with yet more additional legislation just leave us all reaching for the aspirin?

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