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Conversations We Rarely Have But Really Should

Helen Chorley, Awards Judge and Investor, comments

What conversations are you holding back from? Ever caught yourself dodging those conversations we’d all rather tuck away in a drawer labelled “Do Not Open”? Well, buckle up because this month, with International Women’s Day waving its empowering wand, it’s time to drag those topics out of the dusty corners.

But let me take a step back first to explain the reason this question is so forefront in my mind …blame it on The SHE Word podcast, a gem I discovered in 2022, wooing me in with its promise of “conversations that women rarely have but really should.” I was hooked like a newbie in an auction room. Trudy Kerr, the charismatic captain of this podcast ship, isn’t your average host. In fact, she shares a lot of characteristics with developers – charming, skilful, optimistic and not afraid to venture into risky waters. Take, for instance, the “Women Childfree” Episode where societal pressures on women to have children were dissected. Guess who made a cameo? Yours truly, sharing tales from the wild world of “To Kid or Not to Kid” debates.

And then, the plot twist - Trudy invited me to host a spin-off series, The SHE Word Women In Business edition. “Hell yes!” I shouted, because why settle for a cozy corner office when you can have a podcasting pulpit?

In my new role, I’ll be doing what I love, spotlighting truly inspirational women and tackling issues that mean a lot to me like the challenges of female entrepreneurship, the intricacies of mentorship, breaking norms, and the saga of burnout – a tale etched into my soul after 11 years on the trading floor of an American investment bank.

This got me thinking about the unsaid in the world of property development. I polled the fabulous ladies in my Property Sisters community and unearthed some gold. These topics came up time and time again: 

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