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Editor's Introduction

Editor Richard Bowser Comments

Well, it’s been a very busy few weeks for us since we published our previous edition and in-between we met with quite a number of subscribers on our exhibition stand at the recent Property Investor Show, at London’s Excel Centre.

Not for the first time in the last seven years, I was asked by many individuals there for my opinion on personal tax schemes, which have been regularly promoted by various specialist firms since 2016. My answer, as it has been consistently stated during this period, was that I am not a qualified professional tax advisor and as such, concerned property investor-landlords really do need to seek professional advice.

Coincidentily, we had filmed a short but enlightening video interview, prior to the Excel event, with a well known tax advisor, just a few weeks ago and this can viewed on the home page of our website at: www.property-investor-news.com

On my return to our office we had been contacted in an email letter from HMRC, to us as publishers of Property Investor News, about tax planning schemes for property business arrangements which are classed as ‘hybrid’ in nature. In their statement HMRC say that these schemes do not work and that those who use them may well end up paying more than the tax that they are looking to avoid, along with extra interest and penalties, as well as the high fees charged by the scheme organisers.

Turning to the contents of this edition, which is as usual packed with sound advice and opinion - but not on property taxation - you can learn about the pros and cons of the student accommodation sector and investing prospects on page 15. Just as with many other investing strategies in the current marketplace, the article outlines both opportunities ahead while mentioning that some elements of caution do need to be noted.

Given what we have experienced in the last fifteen years since 2008 with three unforeseen major events (GFC, Brexit, Covid) and their roller-coaster impact on property investing sentiment, my advice is to take nothing for granted. And a ‘slow read’ of this month’s investor interview with Ruth Hobbs on page 25 will firmly reinforce that point.

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