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Editor's Introduction -September 22

Editor Richard Bowser comments

Autumn is approaching, the kids are back at school, the roads are once again jammed at rush hour and when you read this, the UK will have a new Prime Minister. Apart from the ongoing impact of rising inflation numbers, there is only one topic dominating the media headlines and of course that is the ‘energy crisis’ and the dramatic increases in energy bills, which we will all have to adjust to as the colder winter nights approach.

Inside this issue on page 15, we focus on how the half million or so landlords in the UK with shared accommodation (HMO) properties are dealing with the challenges ahead, given that the energy consumption costs involved are greater when you have upwards of four or more individual adults occupying a rental property.

On page 23, we look at the impact of overseas investors and dispel some of the myths about empty homes in London and how foreigners have made inner London property unaffordable for UK buyers.

This month’s investor interview with Jazz Doklu on page 26 contains many ‘nuggets’ to absorb, as he recounts how both he and his parents have created their own personal success story over the years as property investors and developers.

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