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Editor's Introduction November 2021

Editor Richard Bowser comments

In the previous (October) edition we made reference to the ongoing demand from overseas investors to acquire residential investment property in the UK and in particular referring to buyers from Asia. Investors from Hong Kong are understandably keener than ever to buy in the UK given the changed political situation in our former colony.

However, as we explain in more detail in our article on page 15, the strengthening of the pound vis-a-vis many currencies in the last five years is resulting in some renewed interest for overseas property investing as the global economy recovers from the pandemic.

Follow the money is a mantra that many subscribe to which is why we devote four pages in each issue of this magazine to Development and Planning news. On the same theme on page 30 our annual review of FDI trends shows that the UK is still regarded as being a safe haven for overseas investors.

Our main investor interview on page 18 is one to note as the project in Reading put together by Ben Richards and Jack Jiggins was a challenging one to complete during the last eighteen months.

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