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Editor's Introduction September 2021

Editor Richard Bowser comments

Eighteen months since the first lockdown caused by the pandemic commenced in the UK, the last week or so has seen a welcome resurgence of activity in towns and cities around the UK and very noticeably in London. Typically however the short heatwave we’ve just experienced occurred once the school term started.

In a few weeks’ time the government’s furlough support programme will end, inevitably job losses will occur and yet, contrary to many expectations at the start of the year, we now have a very buoyant jobs market.

Our lead article on page 19 addresses the Co-Living market and highlights the phenomenal increase in the numbers of digital workers worldwide, a trend which will only increase in the years ahead. Many traditional HMO landlords scoff at the concepts which underpin a focus on community-centred living accommodation, a big strategic investing mistake in my opinion.

Obviously, any direct property investing strategy which demands more active hands-on management has implications which some are simply not equipped for in terms of appetite or skills. As such on page 15 it might be worth considering indirect investment and this month my colleague Peter Hemple gives an update on REITs.

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